Possible to integrate a third-party pricing table with Pro Sites?


I’m wondering if it’s possible (and if so, how to do it :slight_smile: ) to integrate a third-party pricing table with Pro Sites. I’d like my customer flow to look something like this:

1) Build free site -> 2) Go to upgrade page -> 3) See awesome price chart; Click “Buy” button -> 4) Transaction handled by gateway as per Pro Sites

I talked with Aaron on chat support yesterday about controling the formating of the Pro Sites pricing table, but after I tried to follow his advice (The table is printed by the checkout_grid() method), I realized my coding skills are’t ready for that. So I’m looking for an end-run, as it were.

Also, FWIW, here’s an example of the sort of pricing table I’m hoping to use: http://codecanyon.net/item/css3-web-pricing-tables-grids-for-wordpress/629172.

Thanks for any help with this!