Possible to manually input payment details for ProSites to the database

Hi There,
I've been migrating my site to a new server this weekend, during that time I had a couple of transactions from my clients come through via paypal, but they did not register in prosites - I think because I temporarily pointed my DNS to my new server to test it.

Is there a way I can manually enter these payment details into the database to show that my clients have paid?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Samuel,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Changing DNS while Pro Sites is active could indeed cause it as payment gateway has to be able to communicate with the site in order to setup/renew/cancel subscription. If it's not able to reach it, then it tries a few more times and then stops.

    There's no way to input payment data for an existing subscription manually from an admin site however and this is mostly because of payment gateway's workflows.

    However, assuming that you already moved the site, the domain is the same and all the URL's for the site didn't changed (so you just switched the servers but nothing else has changed) then:

    if you're using PayPal as you payment gateway, you should be able to "re-send" all IPN calls directly from your PayPal account. This would re-call Pro Sites and hopefully recreate those "missing" subscriptions.

    If this won't help (or you're using other payment gateways), the only solution here would be to cancel members subscriptions (not removing sites and accounts) and ask them to re-subscribe, I'm afraid.

    Best regards,

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