Possible to switch from Custompress to Directory via export/import?

I’ve been testing the 2.2 beta of the directory plugin and like it better than what I was able to setup so far with custompress.

Is it possible to export the custom post type, taxonomy and 40 posts that I already created using Custompress, uninstall Custompress, install the Directory plugin, then import the custom post type settings and post content back into the site?

  • Gabe
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hey Charise, from what I’ve seen you should be able to since Directory uses (or at least used to use CustomPress (though don’t activate them at the same time).

    Have you tried changing your CustomPress post types to “directory_listing” ? After adding those custom fields they should show up in the post editor for the Directory plugin.

    Again, just make sure that CustomPress and Directory plugins aren’t activated at the same time and back up your site (particularly your DB) before making any changes.

    The above should work with the current directory plugin, I haven’t played with the beta yet. Hope this helps.

  • charise
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    OK, I got the post content copied over to the Directory plugin by modifying the database, but because I didn’t select the ‘Allow for WP/plugins’ option for each custom field I created, I haven’t yet found a way to import over the custom fields and their content. Hrm…

  • kenlyle
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    While this is still fresh…It looks like a fail by WPMUDev, to me.

    Nice job, @gabe, and way to stick through it, @charise, but there still seems to be chaos and lack of clarity between Custompress and Directory.

    If you really want to capture the efforts of users in reporting issues, you need to, perhaps, mark this resolved, yes, yet undocumented. Then, this post should be linked to an Asana issue like “Document Conversion of Custompress fields to Directory”…and perhaps a link to that issue, ideally.

    Right now, “user struggled through the issue”, appears to be scored as “no issue” by WPMUDev.

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops


    thanks for your input here. Please note that the latest releases of Directory, Classified and CustomPress will host much more cohesiveness. As Classified and Directory are actually built upon CustomPress we are ensuring that all are updated accordingly.

    There will also be the ability to Import and Export post types in Custompress very soon

    So, no, not a “non-issue” just one that has already been addressed :slight_smile:


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