Possible to transfer a blog from one owner to another?

Has anyone tried taking a blog created on the main super admin account and transferring it to another user? My gut tells me it must be possible, but I'm just coming up dry.

Thanks for any help!

  • drmike
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    Should. We actually drop the admin account down as the site admin and promote another. One of our installs had something like 11k admin login attempts within a 24 hour period way back when. Decided it was a good idea.

    edit: Oh, if you do that, don't make the new admin account the one you use for normal usage either. For example, drmike isn't an admin account on any of our installs.

  • James Kirk
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    Hey drmike,

    So, if I'm following the logic here, there are a couple of things that might just be "good WPMU admin practices"?

    1. Using the out of the box "admin" account for regular day to day operations of a multi-user site might not be the best?
    2. From previous experiences I know that the actual user name "admin" cannot be changed via the data base. Well, it can be changed, but things get all fubar'd after you do that!
    3. A different, new user account should be created (on the main site?) and that account should be promoted to Admin?
    4. And by "normal usage" that would be the one you use for your personal site blogging, etc? (Vs. site wide administrations?)

    The challenge I have with Ovidiu and Aaron's suggestions is that the blog sites were all created from the main admin account, and the "admin" user cannot (to my eyes) be removed from that site, even after promoting a second user to the level of admin on that particular subdomain.

    Thanks for your help, guys. Very much appreciated!

    Guess I answered part of my own question, which raises another. I tried to create a new admin (or promote an existing user account) on the main site, and while that works, it is only user level 10 for that particular blog. I'm not sure if the term is actually Site Admin, but it seems there can be only one of those, eh? Sort of in Highlander fashion? :wink:


  • drmike
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    Running out door as time is up.

    1) Yes, use something besides admin for site admin account. Donncha just touched on this on his blog (Can someone link please?) with login attempts.

    2) You know, admin used to have been able to be changed. Pity that it can't anymore.

    3) Yes, create normally and bump up at Dashboard -> Site admin -> Options -> Site Admin fields. I believe this will also assig them to blog 1. There was a trac ticket on this way back when. Of course do this as 'admin' and do it before bumping 'admin' down.

    admin - drop down to normal user and remove from Dashboard -> Site admin -> Options -> Site Admin field.
    drmike - Just a normal user. Make editor on blog #1 if you want.
    joe8564blow - Real site admin created by admin and bumped up. That one will never be guessed at.

  • James Kirk
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hey, thanks drmike!

    Makes total sense now and I was able to make the transfer once I created the new site admin user, put it into place on the admin/options page, and then removing the "admin" user from same.


    Very much appreciated!

  • af3
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    hmm cool thread. i'm facing similar issues after installing facebook connect where existing users now re-registered via fbconnect using their facebook account -- that means; i have to transfer their blog using the method above, plus i have to transfer their forum (bbpress) entries, transfer their bp friends lists, wires, groups, groups forums post... duh! no specific idea how to do this rather than manual change in phpmyadmin... is there a better way?

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