Possible with Supporter ?


We are planning to install a multisite network.

To create a site the user will have to pay a subscription. (no free version only pro)

We don’t want to manually integrate paypal to the registration process, but prefer to look for a premium plugin (with support and upgrades) to do the job.

I’d like to know if supporter or the new pro site will be able to process this simple subscription process ?

During the registration the user should have the possibility to indicate a referer.

If the referer is valid, the user should have a discount.

Once the site registered, the referer should also have a discount % for the his next annual subscription.

Is it possible with your plugin ?


  • Philip John
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    Supporter/Pro Sites is really intended for offering site owners a paid upgrade to a free site rather than paid sites from the outset.

    You should instead take a look at Membership which will allow site creation only for paid members.

    Through a spot of custom coding you can also add to the registration form to provide a mechanism for adding a referrer. The actual discount would need to be applied manually or through more custom coding.


  • lpo
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    Thank you very much for your answer.

    I took a look to membership but I think that supporter suits better our needs.

    In fact we will also have different premium subscriptions available, but the only thing that does not feat to your plugin is that our basic subscription won’t be free.

    That’s too bad it’s not customisable in the plugin’s option.

    Free basic subscription is ok for edublogs or wordpress.com model, but for a very specific niche market it can be different.

    Nevertheless, if it’s possible to custom code the plugin, I think it won’t be too much work to remove the “become a pro member” chek box in the sign up page and by default have the pro version selected.

    We are not really happy with this solution because we will have to update the plugin for each new version but as supporter responds to 95% of our needs, we are going to chose this option.

    Maybe in a next version of the plugin there will be a check box free / non free basic subscription in the option panel ?


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