Post a ticket through external system?

Is it possible to submit a ticket via Gravity Forms? I know there is no email support, but it would be nice to have the ability to pass in tickets to the queue through Gravity forms. I'm thinking of using Gravity Forms for PreSales questions and other methods and would like a ticket opened on behalf of the customer.

  • Vaughan

    Hi Corey,

    Hope you're well?

    This would not be simple i'mafraid as there isn't hooks in support system for this.

    You would need to have this custom developed, if you wish to advertise for a developer to do this for you, you could use our jobs board below.

    You would need to follow the methods used in the following function.

     * Insert a new ticket
     * param array $args {
     *     An array of elements that make up a ticket.
     *     @type int 'ticket_priority'    	The ticket priority.
     *     @type int 'cat_id'             	The ticket category ID
     *     @type int 'user_id'           	The creator (user) ID
     *     @type int 'admin_id'           	0 if there's not a staff assigned, staff (user) ID otherwise
     *     @type int 'site_id'           	Site ID, only for multinetwork sites otherwise = 1
     *     @type int 'blog_id'            	Blog ID, only for network sites, otherwise = 1
     *     @type int 'view_by_superadmin'   1 if the ticket has been viewed by a staff, 0 otherwise
     *     @type string 'title'             The ticket title
     *     @type string 'message          	The ticket content
     *     @type array 'attachments'        Array of attachments URLs
     * }
     * @return mixed the new ticket ID, WP_Error otherwise
    function incsub_support_insert_ticket( $args = array() ) {

    in file /wp-content/plugins/incsub-support/inc/helpers/ticket.php

    Hope this helps

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