Post and Page Restrictions not working in Pro Sites

The Post Page Quotas Setting in Pro Sites seems like it only allows these restrictions to be set for one level of users. Even at that, it is not working. I have it set at 1 for a Basic subscription yet I can add as many pages and posts as I choose.

How do I get this to restrict it to only 1 for this level? I also want to set the level at 5 for the next upgraded subscription.

On a similar note, how do I limit a user to only creating one site? I was told that Pro Sites would automatically give the user the site based on the user name chosen. It would be I have never been told the HOW to this step. I can set it up for the user to get to the dashboard and create their own site. But doing it this way means I have to trust the user to use their username to create their site. Also, this access allows the user to create unlimited sites. I also need to know the HOW to limit the user to only one site.

These are necessary details to make my site user friendly for someone not that familiar with wordpress.

Thank you,