post & categories have disappered on site... Well!

i woke up this morning and look at started to finnish adding content to, and i dont no were my post are. I have the blog post page set to and they will not show up on the page. also they will not show up in the categories pageviews either. however if you click on the individual posts they will will up.

here is what i have done...
I have deactivated all plugins
I have rest the permalinks back to default
I have switched themes and did the first two steps again

** I did notice if you change themes then the post will appear under the "News Section of the site. so I uninstalled the extra theme and reinstalled it and switched it back and still the posts are missing under the News page link and the categories will not show either...

so im thinking somewhere in the theme something has broke.. probably with the permalinking system.. can you please tell me how to fix this issue or look at it or tell me how to totally remove the theme files so that i can reupload it again to try to fix this issue... or any advice please

support has been granted