Post Category Problem (Membership2)

Hi :slight_smile: I have this problem:

I've created 2 different post categories ("Arbitro" and "Ufficiale di Campo"). I've created many post with these two categories assigned. Then I've gone to set the protection rules for the categories, where I've set, for example for the category "Arbitro", that the membership "Istruttore Arbitri" can view it. Everything works perfectly, but I have the problem that the posts aren't displayed in the post list.. For example the user "" and password "default", has the memberships "Arbitro", "Istruttore Arbitri" and "Serie C". So, if I've set the category "Arbitro" visible to membership "Istruttore Arbitri" he should view the list of all posts with that category, right? This list is located at the main page and in the posts list by category, where I've used the WordPress plugin Blog Manager Light; but how you can see, it seems they aren't displayed...

When I've said that all works perfectly, I mean that if I directly put the post URL it's protected as aspected, for example with this post.

PS: I've already follow the support flowchart and granted the access for Staff Support.
I'm not worried about sharing this user credentials because it's only a test site.

I have still installed the free version of the plugin, because I will user only it.

Please help me :slight_smile:

Best regards
- Chris