Post Content Merge Tags for use with Opt in form

Ok, just wanted to get an opinion from the experts...

I am using this plugin as it creates mailing lists & newsletters:
It has merge tags for email messages only. I would like to create a landing page where they are redirected to after form submission with a personalized greeting by merging fields from the opt in form. Like this:

With gravity forms you can create a function to also use the merge tags in gravity forms on pages or posts.

The plugin I am already using has the mailing list & newsletter features I need and don't want to switch all my current users to something new. It has merge tags that work in the welcome email that is generated upon submission but I would like to also use those merge tags on a page as well like the gravity forms example.

So I was thinking that maybe I post a job somewhere to see if a developer could write up a similar function like that one for gravity forms so that I could use the merge tags for the auto responder I am already using so it could also place merge tags on pages.

Any one have an opinion?
Should be possible right?
Or a bad idea?
Or maybe you have a better idea :slight_smile: