Post element features working wrong

I have the following problems with the post element:

I placed the post element with the post list option:
- date is shown in the wrong format. Impossible to force it in the single-post.php. But, if you click and opened a post (just one post in the page), the date comes up with the right format.
-With the same post element, with a list of 6, you can open a post to configure that view. The comments group is not responsive - I think is just the comment square.


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Javier,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    I've tested this out and can see that the date isn't showing properly in the blog posts element, and while you can adjust it as seen in my screenshot, it doesn't look like you can make it the exact same as the default blog listing date. I've flagged this as a bug so our developer can get it fixed up asap :slight_smile:

    The comments box seems to be responsive for me? Do you mind attaching a screenshot of where you see it not being responsive, that will help me reproduce the issue on my install.

    Look forward to hearing back!


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Javier,

    Hope you're doing well today and thanks for re-granting access.

    I've been looking further into your comment box issue and it does appear to be something you've added through the editor, when you visit the site in dev mode, which loads the site without your changes then the comment box loads fine - have you added or removed CSS from somewhere that would be affecting that border?

    You can see the site in dev mode by adding /?dev=true to the end of any page/post url. Any ideas on what was changed before you stopped seeing the comments styling?

    If you wanted to start over again with the child theme then you could always use this sqp query to easily clear your child theme settings so far:

    delete from wp_options where option_name like '%scribe%';

    I've attached a screenshot to illustrate how to use it. Keep in mind you will lose all Scribe theme settings, but you will still keep your base post/page content. just not the content in Upfront elements.

    I'm not saying you should do that, I just wanted to provide it as an option as many members have found it useful during their development phase.

    As for the font sizes, have you tried changing it through the theme settings? There are options for both unordered and ordered lists there as shown in my attached screenshot :slight_smile:

    If you have further questions on that just let us know.

    All the best,

    PS. For this to take priority over existing styles you can try adding the !important declaration:

    .uposts-object li .content {
    font-size: 34px !important;

    !important can sometimes be a necessary evil when overriding existing styles. With that said, in this case I would recommend just using the theme settings font manager to avoid any conflicts in the future.

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