Post Grid Not Displaying The Same On Multiple Pages

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Hey superawesome devs!

I'm using Visual Composer Page Builder and using a simple post grid to display some posts on a couple different pages.

On my homepage, the post grid displays perfectly, but on the community it displayes differently. Pay close attention to the text excerpt displayed from the posts. On the homepage the excerpt correctly displays the post, but on the community page the same post grid excerpt is showing the Author Bio as well!

I tried some simple troubleshooting. To make sure the settings for both grids were the same, I used templatera to make a template of the homepage and pasted it onto a new page here. This copy of the homepage template displays incorrectly as well. That proves its not the plugin or the plugins settings. I didn't get much help from the plugin developer either.

A simple solution would be to move the author bio to the bottom of the post, but I would like to keep it at the top. If you could help me figure out why this is happening, that would be huge. I need to launch this site in a few days!

Cheers Devs

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, rc!

    It looks like the grid element can't recognize the actual post excerpt here, and that's why it's grabbing the first text from the post, which should still be defined as the author bio, so I'm not sure what's going on here. What happens if you manually define the excerpt in the post itself? (You may need to turn this on in screen options on the Edit Post page, and it may not show at all, if the theme designer didn't enable excerpt support.)

    Did you manually edit the post types with the author bio up top? Is there a chance the author bio content is contained in the post content, rather than as two separate elements?

    Thanks, rc!

  • rc_snowboarder

    Wow Michelle I didn't even know you could manually enter the post excerpt! This completely cleared up the issue thank you so much for your help! 5 Points to Gryffindor!

    Although I didn't manually edit the post types, the AuthorBox plugin has an option to put Author Bio at the top of my post! I like it this way because my site will have many authors and I want users to distinguish posts that are mine from posts that are others easier! I'm not sure how Authorbox configures that setting, but that could have been the problem! Cheers :slight_smile:

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