Post images wrong size after theme change


I changed from WooThemes Canvas to ElegantThemes Divi 2.4. All the post images which were typically in the 400px to 700px range (and centered in the posts) they all are left-justified and 100px by 88px. It says there is inline code doing that but where is it coming from?

I want the pictures to be as they were, centered, actual size. On new posts (not using the Divi Builder) the images are centered as inserted when adding the new post, but after hitting Publish they go to the left and small as above. I have been working with ET and they have not figured it out after a few days. Seems like one of those problems that shouldn't exist it's such a simple thing.

Sample link is -- The red image should be (was) on its own line and centered at actual size of 588px wide.

I have enabled support access already to expedite this.
Support access is ACTIVE until July 31, 2015 1:05 am

Thanks in advance!