Post in Ads

I tried everything but they are not showing up. I am little confused in how to find out how it works. Please give me simple instructions in how I can make sure the ads is showing.

Thank you for your time in advance
Deaf City Team

  • deafcityteam


    OMG, you are right.....haha I can be a dizzy mare sometimes!

    Yes I mean In Post Ads.

    I have done everything but I don't see anything, the live mode has been on all the time.

    I think the issue is linked with this, cos I have only created 2 test post, but none of them is anywhere on my blog.

    I think there is a simple adjustment need to be done on my part but I have no idea where!

    Please Advise

    Deaf City Team

  • aecnu

    Greetings Deaf city Team and Dean Kaus,

    @Dean Kaus thank you for helping this person out and you know the drill :smiley:

    @deafcityteam Thank you for letting us know that you got that first issue and the issue reported in this ticket resolved - I am happy to know you got it working.

    There is 2 more thing I like to ask, how to change the colour of the box? It looks dark on the plugin homepage. Also how do I add the stars like it showed on the plugin homepage?

    Since these questions are not related to the issue reported in this ticket and this ticket has been indeed resolved from its original issue, please open a new ticket specifically addressing the new questions and/or issues. Feel free to copy and paste any relative information from this ticket to the new ticket.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • Dean Kaus

    Hello @deafcityteam I believe that the darkness and color need to be dealt with in the CSS Not knowing what theme your using or the link to your website will make this impossible to help you.

    @aecnu is correct that the additional issues will have a far better chance in getting viewed by opening a new ticket (just as you did here with this one) To make it stand out more prominently follow (or just copy and paste the following)

    select Ask A Question and in the first field "whats your question or topic be specific"

    input: Need Help with the CSS and layout of the "In Post Ads Plugin"
    Then the next field select Plugins,
    The next field will give you the option to list the site you're having problems with.
    If you're site isn't already listed then I suggest that you download and install the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin and activate it first then come back to your question. I install the WPMU DEV Dashboard on all of my sites and so when I have a question they are all listed and you can easily select which one is haveing the issue.

    Then the last things to do is go into even more detail as what you need help with and again be even more specific here.

    I personally would list the following
    What versions of: Wordpress, Theme Name and Version, Plugin Name and version

    I look forward to seeing your new question and when you post it when you in the Ok Go for it Box please be sure to ad @dean kaus so I will be notified when you post it and can try to help if I can.

    Make sure you Don't post it here as it may get lost in the shuffle.

    Thanks @aecnu for your follow up here (wasn't sure about the drill comment, possibly as I just returned from the dentist and am scared to death of drills LOL) and glad I was able to help someone last night.

    @deafcityteam don't forget to create a new ticket soon.

  • Dean Kaus

    Ok Got it now. Had a really rough night last night. I was working late and not getting anywhere so tried to help out a few members. Started off ok and then was trying to help @vanavah in another thread when my sugar level crashed (I'm diabetic). I didn't catch it at first until after one of her replies I realized that I had totally misunderstood and misread her question. That should have been my first sign. So any way the short version is my sugar crashed I broke a filling trying to get my sugar level up quick and had the visit the painful drill. Hopefully your dentist visit wasn't as bad as mine.

    Thanks for the points and help!

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