Post Indexer 3.0 Release Candidate 1

Hi Guys and Gals

We’ve been working away like busy bees recently bringing our post indexer and associated plugins bang up to date. After some internal testing we are delighted to release the first release candidates of the all new post indexer plugin, and the updated associated plugins.


This release candidate is ideally to be used on a development site. If you are currently using our post indexer plugin, then please note – this version uses different tables and database structure so already indexed data will not be brought through to this RC version.

How to get started

Download the post indexer plugin and upload and network activate it on your WordPress Multi-site system.

Go to the Network Admin -> Settings -> Post Indexer page, click on the Rebuild Index tab and then click the Rebuild Index button to get the post indexer to start indexing your sites existing posts.

You can keep track of what is happening with your index on the main Post index statistics page. The index rebuilder uses wp-cron so is reliant on traffic to your site – if you would like to see what the cron is doing then add:

define('PI_CRON_DEBUG', true);

to your wp-config.php file. This will add a Cron Log tab to your post indexer settings page.

You can then upload and activate any of the other associated plugins you want to use.

Global Settings

The main settings are in the Network Admin -> Settings -> Post Indexer area, here you can control the general / global settings for the plugin.

Site by site options

For site by site settings and information you should visit the Network Admin -> Sites page. Here you can see the post types that are being indexed for each site, and can disable indexing on specific sites, change the settings on a site by site basis (pick the post types you want to index), rebuild the index for an individual site and view site by site statistics.

We hope you find this update useful, and please let us know if you run into any issues.

Note: All associated plugins except for global site search and global site tags are attached below – I’ll add these very shortly.