Post indexer and Global Site Tags by wordpress 3.0.1

Dear sirs,
we bought a subscription to your plugins because they claim to be Wordpress 3.0.1 compatible.
Installation is far to be simple.

We have a Wordpress 3.0.1 multisite installation.

1) First of all we created the wp-content/mu-plugins directory and assign it the right permissions
2) Unzip the contents of post-indexer plugin and uploaded update-notifications & post-indexer.php to mu-plugins directory using FTP
3) Then appears a WPMU DEV section in Super Admin options but it doesn't show any plugin installed, although they appear in the Admin plugins section.
4) We decided to create manually wp_term_counts and wp_site_posts tables because the plugin didn't do it.
5) The plugin obviously didn't do anything with the existing posts however when I wrote a new post it worked and fill the wp_term_counts and wp_site_posts tables.
6) We try to install Global Site Tags widget and is only showing the header.

We have noticed that there are some SELECTs usign the table wp_sitemeta, that don't find any information, for example there is one select searching for the meta key 'wdp_un_last_response' that never return any result.

What is happening?

Best regards
Jose Luis Perez