Post indexer + Global Posts + Tags VS Sitewide Tags Plugin for aggregator?

I'm hoping to understand both plugin approaches from a theme level, and at a performance level. What is the difference between these two approaches, if I'm hoping to accomplish the following:

  1. Root blog pulls in all posts from user blogs and:
  2. Displays the title of the post and a thumbnail of the first image (and in some cases the first sentence) in a list (the image of the post, preferably NOT the author avatar). Would also be good to see number of comments / pings / tweets
  3. This list will be sortable by a common category that I've set as a default on all blogs, or by tags (presumably, there isnt a way to make these shared as of yet?)
  4. When the user clicks on the title/image of the post, they are taken to a page on the root blog with a more detailed summary (ala digg), which will show the full size image, the full post summary and the last ~three comments -- the title of the post, or the read link would then take them to the users blog with the full post and all comments /trackbacks.
  5. Around this summary post will be related posts from all sites based on categories, freshness, tags, etc
  6. Ideally: The sitemap.xml would be updated to reflect the summary post in the main blog, and the sitemap.xml would still show the full post in the user blog.

Is either approach better suited to this goal?
Would they work in concert?

Seems like I'd be able to use theme files to accomplish most of this if the indexer provides all what I need.. ??

Also, on a side note, I'd like to be able to have the sitewide search plugin go to the summary page first as well..

  • Andrew


    First off, these kind of threads should not be in the plugin support forum since we aren't dealing with bugs, etc. Discussions belong in the discussion forums. That's why they're there :wink:

    What you've described should be possible with the post indexer plugin. The site_posts table contains pretty much everything you would need. You would have to pull a few things from other places though (tweet count, etc).

    While it's definitely possible to pull off what you've described, you've got a fair amount of coding ahead of you I think.

    Also, on a side note, I'd like to be able to have the sitewide search plugin go to the summary page first as well..

    You'll need to edit the plugin.


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