Post Indexer is not working yet !

Dear sirs,

we’re trying to install and setup your Post indexer component with the complements to provide a good information access (Global Site Tags, Global Site Search, …:wink:.

We opened a thread about this issue and some people seemed to solve their problems. We don’t.

We delete all related tables and reinstall components with last version and still not working.

1. The Tag cloud is showing the right tags

2. The tags menu option is working right showing all subsites tags.

3. If we click on any of the tags is giving to us a 404 error.

We try all permalinks options and re-index posts (by editing and click save again) and the problem keeps on. We also put some “labels” on your php-code to identify what was happening but honestly we don’t know where te problem may be.

We’re working with the following configuration:

WordPress 3.0.1

Apache 2.2.3

PHP 5.2.6

MySQL 5.0.45 is our development environment.

Could you give us a hand please? If you need more information please let us know.

Best regards

Jose Luis Perez

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya joselper,

    Sorry to hear it isn’t working for ya. Thanks for opening a new thread.

    Can we start with a check of your server’s error logs to see if anything is being reported there?

    Next, let’s take a look in the database and see if posts and tags are being properly recorded. Look for tables like wp_site_posts, wp_site_term_relationships, and wp_site_terms.

    Once we know there are no errors and that the information is being properly put into the database, we can look at the display or linking issues. I’ve asked a couple developers to come by and comment here as well.

    We’ll help ya get this sorted.


  • joselper
    • Flash Drive

    Hi again

    We have take a look on the tables you’ve said before. The info in tables wp_site_posts and wp_site_terms seems correct , and we don’t really know what kind of the information is saved in table wp_site_term_relationships, could you explain as to confirm this info is also ok?



  • joselper
    • Flash Drive

    Sorry about previous post, I'll write down correctly:

    Hi again

    I send you all the info you've requested. There are three txt with the full information in tables bf_site_posts, bf_site_term_relationships, and bf_site_terms; they are really CSV files, only have to change their extension to load them and see them.

    There are also 3 images attached:

    . Cloud_1.png, with the global site tag cloud showing info : ok

    . Cloud_2.png, showin the page containing all the tags from the global site tag cloud, in the main page

    . Cloud_3.jpg, showing the error when we click any of the tags inside the global site tag cloud : ko, page not found!

    If you need anything else, just tell us



  • joselper
    • Flash Drive

    Hi, Aaron

    Here you are all the plugins we have installed in our web:

    WP Twitter

    Is a plugin that creates a integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account, including a BookMarklet.


    Manage WordPress Backups. Beta Release. Please help testing and give me feedback under the comments section of the Plugin page. Backup DB, Files & Folders, use .tar.gz, .zip, Exclude List, etc.

    Better Search

    Replace the default WordPress search with a contextual search. Search results are sorted by relevancy ensuring a better visitor search experience. Configure…

    Better Tag Cloud

    A Better Tag Cloud than the default one.

    Cimy User Extra Fields

    Add some useful fields to registration and user’s info

    Confirm User Registration

    Admins have to confirm a user registration – a notification will be send when the account gets activated

    Diamond MultiSite Widgets

    Multisite bloglist widget, Multisite recent posts widget, Multisite recent comments widget. Content from the whole network. An administration widget on the post-writing window. You can copy your post to the network’s sub blogs. Post/Page shortcodes support. RSS Feed support.

    Exclude Plugins

    Exclude plugins from appearing in plugins menu for normal user in WordPress multisite. This plugin is useful if you want to use plugins only for Super Admins while enabling some other plugins for normal user.

    GD Star Rating

    GD Star Rating plugin allows you to set up advanced rating and review system for posts, pages and comments in your blog using single, multi and thumbs ratings.

    Most Commenting Visitors

    This is a widget plugin which helps to display the visitors who left the most number of comments in the WordPress blog.

    SEO Friendly Images

    Automatically adds alt and title attributes to all your images. Improves traffic from search results and makes them W3C/xHTML valid as well.

    Sidebar Login

    Adds a sidebar widget to let users login

    WordPress Backup (by BTE)

    Backup the upload directory (images), current theme directory, and plugins directory to a zip file. Zip files optionally sent to email. Configuration options are here.

    WordPress Facebook Fan Box Widget

    Display facebook fan box as widget in your WordPress blog.


    Manages your WordPress database. Allows you to optimize database, repair database, backup database, restore database, delete backup database , drop/empty tables and run selected queries. Supports automatic scheduling of backing up and optimizing of database.

    WP to Twitter

    Updates Twitter when you create a new blog post or add to your blogroll using With a API key, creates a clig in your account with the name of your post as the title.

  • joselper
    • Flash Drive

    Hi again

    By the way, when we are logged in the admin of the wordpress site, and we click in the following message:

    WPMU DEV updates are available – These may be critical for security or performance so please review your available updates today.

    it occurs the following error:

    Not Found

    The requested document was not found on this server.

    The URL is this:

    Any idea of what is going on?



  • drmike
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Please remove the update-notifications.php file for the time being. You’re using an older version (v1.03) that no longer works. Don;t worry about it now. Let’s get everything else working first.

    James, please reconsider including that file in the download zip. Considering all the trouble it;s caused (along with the zip within a zip) I;m surprised it;s still in there. It also gets in the way of “One plugin at a time” preaching around here.

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