Post Indexer Not indexing pages

I posted here a little while back, but I though I had solved my issue. But I hadn't.

To re-state it

post indexer is not writing pages to wp_site_posts

This is on a fresh & relatively uncomplex install in test today.

(I though I'd solved it because a saw an option in global site search, (all/posts) however of course that impact reading from the db not writing, I confused myself)

Can you assist?

  • aecnu

    Greetings ROIBOT,

    I responded to your last ticket where you had thought that you had found the solution.

    The real problem here is that this plugin is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing i.e. indexing posts functioning 100% normally. It takes all the posts across your network and brings them into one spot.

    post indexer is not writing pages to wp_site_posts

    I agree 100% that it is not indexing pages and after a complete review of the plugin description and instructions, it never says that it does pages or Market Press etc. Of course I may be missing something? and I certainly do not know everything.

    What gave you the impression that it is supposed to index pages please?

    Once we have determined that i am not missing something here we do have a couple of options:

    a) Ask the lead developer in here for possible advice/advise us on how to add the pages.

    b) Put this in as a feature request for possible inclusion in a future release.

    Whichever plan you prefer of course.

    Please advise on if in fact I am missing something and/or which plan of action you would like me to take.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for being a WPMU Dev Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • Fullworks

    When I was researching (my first thoughs were as yours, it only indexes post) I came across this

    Third post down the user says

    I can tell that Site Search is working (somewhat), and it is searching pages

    Also as Global site search has an option 'all' or 'posts' that option (all) would be totally redundant if the indexer only indexed posts.

    So that is why I think it is meant to, other wise Global Site Search would probably need to be called Global Post Search :slight_smile:
    Unless I have miss-understood that the post-indexer is mandatory for global site search.

    In terms of options, I need a Global Site Search to search pages of my network of blogs. One way or another I will need to get a solution, just searching posts doesn't work for my business requirements.

  • aecnu

    Greetings ROIBOT,

    Thank you for your feedback it is greatly appreciated.

    In this post the member is referring directly to the current version 2.1 and the fact that it does not index pages, the seasoned tech replies with asking for any +1's to make it a feature request:


    and yet another:

    In all the above posts it is clearly stated that it does not work with pages I am afraid. There are also some references to where the developer himself said that it does not index pages.

    I am certainly not trying to argue with you, just telling the facts as I know them though I admit I do not know everything.

    The only thing I can do at this point is to recommend putting in a feature request that the post indexer be made to index pages which can be done on the floating "Request a new plugin, theme or service" on the bottom right of this screen.

    Sincerely, Joe

  • Fullworks

    Thank you for you more detailed research. The first link points me to the exact line of code, so I will be able to adjust this myself (with the obvious issues of future releases etc).

    It is interesting to note that the index actually first indexes everything and then goes through the process of deleting unwanted item (like pages, drafts etc).

    I can see now my assumption on Global Site Search options 'all' or 'posts' is incorrect
    all = all custom post type
    posts = posts

    I will put a feature request to adjust both indexer & global site search accordingly.

  • aecnu

    Greetings ROIBOT,

    This is indeed good news:

    The first link points me to the exact line of code, so I will be able to adjust this myself (with the obvious issues of future releases etc).

    I would recommend permissioning your custom file to 444 read only so that it cannot be overwritten until at least when a new version comes out that the change log indicates that it deals with this specific issue preserving your custom changes until then.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Member!

    Cheers, Joe

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