Post Indexer not indexing topics

I have been using Post Indexer together with Recent Global Posts Widget for a while and it has been working fine. However, today I went to my site settings page to disable posts from being indexed for a specific site and then it stopped indexing topics (bbPress) for that site too. I still have topics as a choice among the checkboxes, but I check it, save and it is uncheched again. I have been able to display my recent forum topics for many months now, but now I cannot anymore. I tried deleting the plugin and installing it again, but topics can no longer be indexed. What is the problem?

  • Patrick


    Okey dokey. I set up bbPress network-wide and created a new forum with a single topic on a sub-site. Then rebuilt the index for that site. The topic was properly indexed.

    Then created a new topic, and unchecked all post-types except topics for that sub-site (the setting saved correctly).

    Rebuilt the index again for that sub-site. The second topic was also indexed.

    So there may be a conflict with something else active on your site. My test site has a boatload of additional plugins activated (many intentionally kept out-of-date to test for conflicts), but I cannot reproduce your issue.

    Can you please temporarily deactivate all plugins and test again?

    If your site is live and active, this may be problematic so you may need to schedule some maintenance time to allow you to notify your users of a bit of downtime.