Post indexer table instead of wp_posts table for single.php?


Say I have two sites on my multisite install. Both have their own table wp_posts for site 1 and wp_2_posts for site 2 from which they grab content off of to make template tags work.

Is it possible for the single.php file to get its post data from the post indexer table (wp_network_posts) instead of the wp_posts table, or wp_2_posts table?

So then instead of the template tags looking like this in the single.php file:

<a href="<?php echo get_permalink() ?>"><strong><?php the_title() ?></strong>

They can look like this:

<a href="<?php echo network_get_permalink() ?>">
		<strong><?php network_the_title() ?></strong>

This probably seems like a silly question, but I'm trying to figure out if something is possible that I'm having trouble explaining. To start all I'll really need to know is yes it's possible, or no it isn't. Then I can ask how if I can't figure it out.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile: