[post on main site] new plugin

Hi !

I am opening a new thread since I talk about that in several ones but not directly.

Here is the point : How to get posts from all over the network, WITH the featured image (ex thumbnail) of the post, so that it can appear directly on the main site home page properly categorized ?

- There is a way with Autoblog. Works fine but without getting the featured image, so all themes using it in their sliders for example will show it witout the image. Tried with plugins that include the image in rss (feed thumbnails and get the image plugins) but does not work fine)
The first idea would be to find a way to create the post via autoblog WITH the featured image so that it come fine.

- There is another way, that would be GREAT as a premium plugin for customers : the new WPMUDEV "post on main site" plugin !

Once activated, any autorized network author can directly post on both HIS site AND the main site, with the options of course "post directly / post as temporary (dont know the english word - waiting to be read for correction), using main site categories, etc...

WHY ? In fact autoblog works fine, perhaps it is the simpliest way to hack autoblog for that but the ploblem is the featured image, and sometimes the many premium themes using custom fields for images functions, that dont come in RSS.

Well, hope I will have some +1 on that so we will have that soon :slight_smile:

huh ?

Oh of course, as usual, some more coffe ?