Post Page and Front/Home Page Not Working

I would like the Posts to show up in the Community Page, instead of the Homepage. So I went Dashboard –> Settings –> Reading and changed it so that the Front Page should be the default and the Post page is Community (see screen shot).

But when I go to the Community Page (, the posts don’t show. (What you see under “What’s New” in the screenshot is the Status Plugin.) You will also notice than on the Community Page, all three Home Sidebars show up PLUS the Left Member Sidebar.

When I go to the Homepage (, everything looks good except that in the Window Tab, it has the same title as the community page: “Community | Whole Health Athletics”. (see screenshot).

Also notice that under Appearance –> Theme Options –> Gallery Settings I have disabled the Homepage featured Block. (see screenshot)

Finally, I created the Home page in the menu by using the “Custom Links” tool. (see screenshot)

How to I get the Posts working right and the Tabs displaying correctly?