Post Voting Plugin Not Working


I need help ASAP!

I have installed this plugin and there are a few errors:

1- The voting mechanism isnt sticking, in other words- Once the thumbs up is clicked on then it refreshed but doesnt stay that way. I have tried with multiple IP’s and it doesnt work. So, if you click the thumbds up the result stays at “0” after the AJAX refresh.

2- The voting isnt counting the titles of the blogs. They are counting the actual forms to which the entries were submitted then turned into blogs. Each blog should have the voting attached to it to tell which blog is the most popular.

Related info: Website URL is and we used gravity forms to create a post dreaft which gets approved then published. The voting needs to be placed on every post so a person can vote UP a specific post. We also added on the plugin to only allow one vote per IP per day.

The posts are hosed in essay submissions.

Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!