Post Ratings - Help Needed

Is there a plugin available that will allow global post ratings with features similar to this plugin?

  • drmike

    Not that I'm aware of. I coded something for my own sites that run through each public blog, get the information (ie name of post, url, score, and number of votes) from each post written within the last 14 days, drop it into an additional table and work from that. I no longer release my code to the public though unless it's a fix or something related to what's available here. You may want to take a look at the sitewide feed plugin as it does something simuliar.

    This really isn't the place for this type of question though. These forums are only for the support of the premium plugins that are offered from this site. Please review the support notice found as a sticky at the top of the forums. Best bet would be to bring this up over on the normal mu forums or the advanced site over at

    Locking thread since that's what Luke is doing on these now.

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