Post showing text on back end when published, front end not showing anything.


It seems that when I make a new post, for some reason none of the text or media will show through when published. In the back end of the published post, I can see the text but on the post itself it does not show. The website and page is: . The top two listings Bell and Joe show what I'm talking about. On the listing page you can even see the text, but on the post itself nothing shows.

What's weird is on the 'Joe' page, the title is showing lower case when really it is capitalized. Also, I have a social media plugin that automatically inputs a social media bar at the bottom of posts. You can see what I mean by viewing any other post on the website. It appears that these new posts are not calling the plugin either.

Does anyone know what this may be caused by? My host checked server logs and they claim to be clear on their end.

Thank you!