"Post to facebook" question

got into an issue with this plugin and hopefully you guys can help me with that. in my site i am using only custom forms to post the different posts(no access to admin area but myself). all the new posts are "pending" until i approve them. i also using the facebook plugin to give the users that publish post the option to also automatically publish it on their facebook wall. the problem is, since the post are pending i have to go to my admin site and approve them. However, since it is my admin area when i go to the new post in the "Publish to wall of this Facebook account:" i will see my account and not the account belong to the user who created the post. which means, when i approve the post it will not be posted in the user facebook wall.
I cannot think of a way to get it done unless it will be automatically posting to facebook and the new posts have to be "publish" when they being created and not "pending" which is how i want it to be.

any one have any idea how can i get it done?