Post voting button appears twice

Hi There,

I have recently installed the post voting button on my network. It is working as expected except for the fact that the button appears twice on custom post types.

I am using a 3rd party plugin (toolset types) to manage custom post types and templates for displaying those post types on my front end. The button seems to be rendered following the template displaying the post_content and then again following the display of the rest of the post meta if there is any. In the attached image, there was post_content but no other meta displayed by the template.

In templates where post_content is not displayed and only other meta is displayed, the button only appears once. It seems as though the voting button that appears after the post_content needs to be inhibited and be only displayed at real end of the post display.

Could you please take a look at what is happening and advise on the best approach to remove one of these?

Thanks Mark