Post Voting - Javascript error - Browser hangs

A bug which makes all browsers hang - the gif turns and turns and turns unitl eternity only a page refresh helps.
Platform XP Firefox and IE7.
31.9 % of all users surf with Windows XP followed by
28.7 % Windows 7
18.4% Windows Vista
16.3% Apple
2.8 % Linux and most likely this number is caused by our developers that work on the site :wink:
The third plugin we deactivated we cannot have screens that show this effect. So in fact w ecould not use 1 which were the reason we signed up for and paid 3 months fee.
It's a fact when you run commercial web sites that users use
Firefox 21.5 % various versions
IE 6 2.3 % yes I know its unbelievable
IE 7 9.1 %
IE 8 35.2 %
IE 9 4.7 %
Safari 25,6 %
Opera 0.8 %
This is an audience that is completely different from the users that visit wp or plugin sites - or even differ greatly from the general Bloggers.
So as we work for the users we have to make sure that browser compatibility is up front. So this has to be tested on all these OS and browsers before we roll out a web site.The users come from everywhere from South America - to Greenland and from Australia to Siberia - even Nigeria and Maledives and we want to keep it that way, that we include and not exclude.