Post voting plugin and how it operates with Multisite

I currently have a multisite that operates like a holistic application vs the normal network of individual sites. So I want to try and consolidate effort while expanding capabilities to encompass data from the entire network.

#1: Will the network setting for the plugin trump local site settings? I know I can prevent site admins from messing with the setting, but do I need to configure each individual site?
#2: What is the difference between the individual site voting code and the multisite version? The multisite version is not very documented.
#3 What are the custom post type voting controls used for? Do I need to use a different tag if it is displayed on a custom post type?
#4 Can I use the popular tags to pull highest ranking posts from all sites in the network?

Thanks for any clarification. I'd like to use this plugin, but want to make sure I understand it first.