Post Voting Plugin, Display Full Content top ten voted posts?

Ok, I would like to display full content of my top ten voted posts. I've addressed this before but was told it doesn't have that capability so I guess I'm confused about the wpmudev statement, "Yes, everything we do is 100% GPL, so you can customize it as much as you want, we’ll even give you a hand!"

Can I have a hand?


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    Hey there @digitalbum,

    First, to clarify on that statement. We can certainly help out. It really depends on the scale of the modification, and what it would take. In some cases we can provide code, and in others we can at least help get you pointed in the right direction. And in many cases, when something is commonly requested, we'll turn it into a feature request so the developers can consider it to be included in the plugin.

    I've just finished looking into this, and there is actually quite a bit of custom coding that would be required. The shortcode used for retrieving the popular posts was originally designed to be used in a widget, and also made available as a shortcode. In fact, the shortcode more or less calls the widget's function and just outputs it into the page.

    The problem is that it's not using something like the traditional Wordpress loop to do this, so we can't just use it in a WP_query for a template.

    If you're interested in coding it yourself, I can certainly help by giving you references to what functions you'd want to use, but you would need to do most of the modifications yourself.

    Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
    Best regards,

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