"post voting plugin" with qtranslate

I'm using qtranslate to have both Greek and English on my website however the popular votes shortcode generates : Gingerbread Farmhouse?????? ???????? (1 votes). IE the post title in both Greek and English stuck together, disregarding QT completely.

Quick look with a chrome inspect gives the output as:

<a href="http://ariadneswonderland.gr/%ce%b3%ce%bb%cf%85%ce%ba%ce%b9%ce%ac-%ce%b1%ce%b3%cf%81%ce%bf%ce%b9%ce%ba%ce%af%ce%b1/">
Gingerbread Farmhouse
?????? ????????

So your plugin is fetching the correct data, it just isn't being parced by qtranslate..

Usually what i have done in the past with other plugins is, I just add the following function:

function qt($string) {
   return qtrans_useCurrentLanguageIfNotFoundUseDefaultLanguage($string);
   return $string;

Then i simply replace, for example:
$post->$field with qt($post->$field)
In this case though i can see 3 locations with wdpv_popular_posts..


I'm disregarding the last 2, as i'm not using the widget but instead shortcode on the page.

So line 17, i'm adding the function.
Then whatever i've tried on line 62 and 66 just doesn't seem to work.. Actually quite a few of my tries have resulted in a WP white screen of death, forcing me to re-upload the class_wpdv_codec.php via FTP before i can even surf the website again :S /facepalm :stuck_out_tongue:

Could i get a little help? I think i've really tried my best shot with this..