Posted Classifieds return to Draft after a few hours

Hi there I have a pretty weird problem with classifieds:

When I post an ad it shows at my site just fine, it does show for about 10-12 hours and then it returns to “draft” and I need to edit all ads again to “published”.

It now happend 4 times. Very odd.

I could imagine as source of the problem that I selected no duration, in fact I am contemplating to delete this option completely (doing it manually if a member wants his add removed), after all it’s my precious content :p

What you think?

  • Toni
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    So just let me confirm one thing – the ads you’re seeing this on are set to no duration, yes?


    Do other ads with a duration disappear at the wrong time or not?

    Haven’t tried this, but would take about 12 hours to find out

    Have you tested it with no other plugins installed?

    I can’t do this for 12 hours to my site, I just launched and I am starting to receive members.


    I am going to ad 1 classifieds now with a set duration and will republish the others with no duration as well, will report back :slight_smile:

  • Toni
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    Yep it appears to be the problem with no duration :slight_smile:

    The ads that had no duration are now back to Draft and the test ad I made yesterday with 4 week duration is still published…

    For what I am building: setting no duration on default would be preferred, or better yet, keep the durations intact (and increase the listing time – 4 weeks is too short) and drop these ads into a classifieds archive at some point, I really don't want to lose that content :wink:

    And another question I have, wouldn't it be easier (for the sake of organizedness in my admin panel) to have all these 3 menues rolled in one (I attached 2 screenshots of what I am seeing in my CP)

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    Okay, the issue here is that there is no “no duration” option. Rather, you’re just not setting a duration and the plugin is letting you do that (which it shouldn’t).

    Otherwise, the plugin doesn’t know how much to charge. Obviously you don’t want to charge, which is something the plugin doesn’t understand.

    So essentially, what you’re trying to do is something not yet supported.

    So… here’s what I suggest: post your requirements in a new thread in the feature requests forums, we’ll see how many other people might like the same functionality and we can get it to the developer for inclusion.

    Sorry I can’t be of more specific help right now.


  • Andrey
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Toni,

    Changes status every 12 hours on “draft” for post which not has any duration – it’s not bug.

    If you want I can write where you may change code for it.

    in file classifieds/core/core.php

    please rewrite the line 705 from:

    $this->process_status( $post->ID, ‘draft’ );


    $expiration_date = “”;

    If you will do it then all new ads with duration ”

    ” not will be like “draft” after 12 hour.

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