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I apologise if this isn't where I'm supposed to ask this question, I've only just joined!

I have just posted a job on the Jobs & Pros section.

I have already been contacted by three developers which is great but I notice that none of them are listed as Pros on your site. If I was to use one of these companies / individuals is there any back up or support from WPMU DEV if promises aren't delivered at all?

I have posted jobs on on many occasions previously and so I presume the answer is 'no' I just wondered if it was any different here.

Many thanks in advance for your help. Your answer won't effect our membership, I think the site and community look great, I was just curious about getting work done from here.

Kind regards


  • Denitsa

    Hello Dan,
    I hope you are having an amazing day and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    You are right here, WPMU DEV does not guarantee anything on the job deliverance when hiring devs from the Jobs & Pros section, but that's true even if they have a Pro status.

    This section of the site is meant simply as a means of posting/finding jobs and it's not supervised by WPMU DEV (e.g it is not a hiring platform like or upwork for example).

    We will of course step in when there's a case of somebody that's running a scam or abusing the Jobs Board in some way, but aside from that it's all between the members themselves. The board is more to get a bit of trust, knowing that whoever you're hiring is from within the community and thus likely more familiar with our plugins. You can also see their rep points/history with us.

    You should still be alert when hiring someone like with any other jobs board.

    Warm regards,

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