Posting on the main site from the subdomain blog of the network

I woudl like to have 1-3 posts with pictures thumbnails from the site installed in the subdomain to be posted on the main page in one of the widetized section of hte theme. The screenshot you have for the postindexer is the result I woudl like to get. Can the postindexer or autoblogger plugin do this? Also what RSS plugin/widget I would need to use to display images as thumbnails.

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    Thanks for yoru reply. I looked a tand isntalled the solution you described. I actuall woudl need something different. Waht I woudl like to do is to pupulate several places of the front page with articles excerpts fromt eh subdomain isntalls. So the two things I need to have extra compared to the described solution: (i) able to filte the post by site and catery and (ii) able to add picture from the post as thumbnail.

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    I understand. For this, you'll have to do a bit of custom coding. You'll still want to use the Post Indexer plugin along with our 'Recent Posts' plugin here:

    This plugin allows you to use

    So for example, in your theme template wherever you want the list of posts to display:
    display_recent_posts(10,40,150,'<br />','<strong>','</strong>','<ul>','</ul>','<li>','</li>','yes','yes',16, 'post', true);

    The custom bit is that recent posts doesn't filter by site. This would be an extra configuration that would need to be added to the plugin. The blog_id is recorded in the wp_site_posts table, so it is doable.

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