Posting updates from the auction section at the Buddypress feed


I'm opening a new thread for this again, as Jorge (WPMU staff) told me to do. The thread was originally meant to Patrick, as he already knows the solution for the issue, but since he hasn't been able to answer the forums, Jorge told me to open it.

You guys already managed to find a way to post the auctions created by an user at his/her Buddypress activity feed, and it was working relatively well (it wasn't displaying the image though), now it isn't.

Here's the thread at which the issue was originally solved (even though still partially), if you need it for reference:

Auctions page:

Buddypress activity feed of user johanschneider (as an example):

Just remembering that you'll see products from the regular store, and auctions at that feed -these are two different things. What needs to be fixed is the part that regards the auctions.

Support access is active, you can login here:

If needed, my super-admin credentials were sent around 6 weeks ago, with Tyler's name on it.

Thanks. :slight_smile: