Post/Page Quotas: Able to by-pass quota by using quick edit.


We have the 'Post/Page Quotas' activated in the pro-sites plugin and set it to limit number of pages for the first level.

The limitation works perfectly if creating the pages manually as it restricts the publish button to 'pending review'.

However, this is easily bypassed by following the steps below:

1) Set up a site so you have at least one slot open to publish a page.
2) Create a load of pages and save them as drafts.
3) On the list of pages, select all the draft pages and do a quick edit and select publish.

Observe: They are all published, by passing the quota limit.

You can even quick edit and publish them one at a time and by pass the limit.

Note: once the page does reload it then limits so in order to publish more pages, you would need to de-publish enough pages to get a quota back then follow the steps again.

I suspect it's because the check is done at page load and the status' available are set then. The quick edit option doesn't reload the page.

Ideally, the check should be made after the publish button is hit or quick edit 'Update' button is hit, and it cycles through the pages.

This is especially an issue with MarketPlace and the import feature. I just published 260 products on a test store that is limited to 1 page!