Post/Page Quotas does not work well after last update.


First sorry my poor english.

I updated the pro site and Post/Page Quotas module does not working well.

Each site says that, you have reached the limit, and requests to switch subscription level.

The problem is that the subscription is good and the sites have no limit.

My settings:

1 I do not use free subscription. The registered user can use the light subscription for one year for free.

2 My leveles:

– Light ( Post/Page Quotas limit: 10 page 100 post)

– Domain ( Post/Page Quotas limit: 10 page 100 post)

– Basic (here I removed the quotas limit!!!, No limit!!!)

– Multi (no limit)

– Premium (no limit)

The problem is that, all site which have Basic or higher subscription, say that, you have reached the limit and requests to switch higher subscription level!

(I saved all settings again, I updated the network… and the error is still. Hm and the translation is not working


Solve it ASAP please

Best regards,


Eg. my core site is the highest level and I can’t switch subscription