We are using WPMU nelo. we are trying to make a post but the kitchen sink is missing (sits directly above the post we have a tab for visual and text but nothing to the left of them. We have tried updating wordpress, updating/removing plug-ins nothing happens. We have also used twenty 12 and the kitchen sink is still missing.
Cheers Simon

  • Vaughan

    Hi @SimonJames, Welcome to the community.

    Sorry to hear you're having issues, could you please provide a link to the site where you're having this issue, if possible take some screenshots so that we can see what's supposed to happen & where. I'm not sure what you mean by kitchen sink, I am presuming it's an image of some kind.

    If it's an issue of something you are adding from the admin editor via post-editor but is not appearing on the front-end, some screenshots will make it easier for us to diagnose.

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