Posts any image for the thumbnail

First off, what a plugin! Brilliant idea and design, I particularly liked the tutorial…if only all plugins took you step by step. I would like a lesson from the creator in how to make plugins like this.

I do have some concerns and some suggestions however.

1. I tested it with FB everything worked great except when I checked my FB it had posted an image as the thumbnail I did not want. Is there (can there be) a way to hard code in an image of my choice? I think the Ultimate FB plugin here does that?

2. Some people dont have social media profiles….i know i know but honestly its true. Could there be an option to switch on a small textual button (situated below the social media links) that says “I dont have a social media account can I skip this”. Obviously I know this defeats the purpose a bit but it could be very small text and it would be below the social links and the admin could turn it on and off.

3. I would imagine that a lot of peeps using this simply want to share one link (there main domain) or similar links. Could there be a default link loaded into the text field already or perhaps a button which would facilitate that? (I know it remembers the text you put it sometimes but Im just being picky)

4. I notice the “Discussion” and “Comments” nodes are displayed on the add/edit social marketing page at the bottom. Should these be here?

Id really like to see number one above implemented asap, if it is this plugin would be nearing perfection!

Proper job.