Posts on BuddyPress Profile Code Snippets

I’m using the latest stable versions of both BuddyPress and WordPress and am looking into the posts on profile features discussed in the link above but the BuddyBlog plugin is not exactly fit for my situation.

A lot of code circled around in the forum thread linked at the top of this post, and it became quite confusing throughout the way of looking through it without having been in the conversation itself. To make matters worse, my coding skills are… eh :slight_frown:

Would a staff member please help out by looking through that forum thread and finding a code snippet that will complete the entire job? Or combining a couple together? I thought I found a few but instructions on how to use were confusing, so please explain as well.

If the stuff there is incomplete and you’re able to find something better, I’m open to suggestions, just want basically same features… don’t want front-end posting of blog articles though (want to keep that in dashboard area for security reasons).

Please respond ASAP. Thanks in advance!