Posts page navigation

I am using the following code to display posts that belong to my custom post type ‘softoffers’ using the wp_page_numbers ( plugin in a file pastdeals.php. For some reason which I don’t know the page navigation bar never appear.

What’s confusing is that I am using the same exact code in another file index.php to display posts of post type ‘post’ and the page navigation bar appear without any problem!

So can someone please help and tell me what I am exactly doing wrong here?


$temp = $pastDeals;

$pastDeals = null;

$pastDeals = new WP_Query();


if ($pastDeals->have_posts()) : while ($pastDeals->have_posts()) : $pastDeals->the_post();



<?php endwhile;

if(function_exists('wp_page_numbers')) : wp_page_numbers(); endif;

$pastDeals = null; $pastDeals = $temp;


<?php else : ?>

<?php endif; ?>

Thanks for your time and efforts