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I am creating a video page, and rather than style each entry (which I'm not very good at), what I doing is redirecting post excerpts to display on my videos page. This make my life a lot easier, because I intend to do this on my "Features" page as well.

Here's a post (that I want to redirect)

Here's my video page (to display redirected posts)

As you may have noticed, the Edublogs Homepage Theme re-styles my
post and enters a link in the post title and image that links back to my post
than the page with the video on it.

How can I change the code for how my posts appear on my video page
so the link does not change.


  • dlittle800

    Hi Mason,

    Sorry for the confusion, I've simplified things:

    On the "features" and "videos" pages, I am using a post/page associator.

    For example, when I decide to add a new feature, it will much easier to simply create a post, assign it to my "features" category, then let my post/page associator plugin redirect an excerpt of my post to the "features" page.

    This will also spare me the hassle of constantly styling the feature and videos pages.

    But, for some reason, when each post is redirected to my "features or videos" page(s), the thumb size is different than the original post. (150px wide instead of 160px). So, the border on each side of my image disappears (and doesn't look good).

    I'd also like to style the copy - maybe make it a bit bigger.


    I've struggled with Firebug trying to find out where the code is - believe me.

  • Mason

    Hiya Derek,

    Ok, now I'm tracking with ya. Thanks for the clarification!

    Text change:
    You'll want to open the style.css file in your child's root directory and change the .post-content to something like this:
    .post-content {
    font-size: 1.3em;

    You can adjust the 1.3 to whatever you like - just remember a little goes a long way here... :smiley:

    As for the image, it's actually pulling in a WordPress-generated thumbnail rather than the actual image.
    Problem here is that this is generated (as best I can tell) from the plugin. It's not using any page template found in the theme.

    If you want to continue with this plugin and get the results you want, you'll need to edit the plugin to use the full image rather than the thumbnail. Look for a template called title-excerpt-thumbnail or similar in the plugin and you should be able to make your changes there.

    I realize that might be a bit more difficult, but that's the only solution I can offer. You could also try contacting the developer or posting to the forums on specifically.


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