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Hi guys,

I hope you're doing well today :wink:


Apologies for the length of this, but they are all post related so I felt it best to add them to one ticket.

First a bit of background, if you don't mind! I'm continuing with my membership site project, which is infinitely more complex than I had originally appreciated/intended, but infinitely more powerful also, thanks to the combination of your awesome plugins. There are, inevitably, issues, most probably due to the complexity of the task and my ineptitude :slight_smile:

The main problem I have at the moment, is with posts. One of the main reasons I want to set up the membership site is to give access to the increasing amount of top quality content we have created over the last six years, as well as private member's forums, ebook and training discounts, and a growing etc.

Unfortunately, having added the first test post and configuring Membership 2 Pro (I've left the actual theme settings pretty much as they are as it works really well out of the box and even the colours work well with my logo), I have a couple of issues:

1. Only one featured post
Adding a second, test post, replaced the first post, despite the settings showing 5 in the Advanced Options page. They both appear in the footer widget, but not in the main "latest posts" area.

2. Posts not showing the Protect Content area
Thanks to your fab Membership 2 Pro 5 day mini-course I realised one can set this on the page itself, as well as on the page section in Protection Rules. Unfortunately, it does not appear either on the edit post page or in the Protection Rules - I was expected to see some sort of category protection therein.

There is an additional issue related to the featured image issue I had on the Network theme front page, which mysteriously disappeared with a server upgrade. If you look at the site, you should notice that the image, which was fine before, now protrudes out the side of the blog post box.

If you could have a look and let me know, I would appreciate it. Until I get that sorted, I'm kind of stuck.

But I have made good progress today and am excited about what the combination of plugins will do for my business.

Many thanks!

p.s. I've enabled Support Access so you can have a look at the set up. If you need full access to FTP/db/etc., let me know!

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Arthur,

    1. Only one featured post

    I've tested this issue with theme on my test Multisite and I could not replicate it. Can you disable all plugins to exclude the plugin conflict?

    2. Posts not showing the Protect Content area

    You need to enable "Individual Posts" add-on to protect posts - I already did that for you, so you now see new tab in your Protection rules

    If you look at the site, you should notice that the image, which was fine before, now protrudes out the side of the blog post box.

    This also look strange, as on my site every feature image has proper width. Let see if this not issue from plugin conflict.

    Kind regards,

  • Arthur

    Hi Kasia,

    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    I thought the whole post/category control was probably me, I've also enabled category protection which is actually probably more useful, but I can certainly see a use for individual protection.

    Re plugin compatibility, after past experiences, I've deliberately tried to stick to WPMU Dev plugins to avoid conflict, so the only active one that isn't is bbPress, which is clearly well integrated with your plugins. Also, it was working fine with the same plugins before. So I'm not sure why there should be a conflict there now.

    I will try disabling plugins as you suggest, anyway, to see what happens. I suspect it's more of a configuration issue. I've also been having some work done on the server, upgrading and hardening security, and while that shouldn't affect graphics, it might possibly affect the display, so I'll look into that too with the server management guys.

    I'll keep you posted.


  • Arthur

    Quick update. I've tried disabling all the plugins and there is still only one post on the front page.

    What did happen is that the image protuberance disappeared! Wasn't expecting that. Turns out MarketPress is the culprit, so perhaps your developers can look into that. I could just use buy now buttons, but I'll be wanting to use it with CoursePress on one of the network sites (and I have network membership set up so all my sites operate under the same rules, all the sites will be created by me, not users).


  • Arthur

    Ok, I think I have solved the mystery of the posts not appearing. Predictably, it is my understanding, although the Advanced Options in the Network theme could perhaps be more explicit. And in fact, I would like the functionality I was aiming at, not how it currently operates.

    Let me explain!

    1. I had enabled Network posts before setting up a second site. When I reverted to "blog posts" all the blog posts appeared (I added a third for testing).

    2. I set up a second site and re-enabled network posts. The site now displays only the latest post from each blog, so the "Number Of Blog Posts Per Page" becomes the "number of BLOGs" to display, not the 5 latest posts from across the network, as I would like.

    If it is possible to change it so it displays the latest 5 posts from all sites, please tell me how. If this is by design (that it displays only the one latest from each site), I would like to request an enhancement, as I will be launching the network with two sites and one will be more active than the other, so I need to display more posts from the main blog.

    Many thanks!

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Arthur,

    Thank you for this detailed troubleshooting.
    I was bale to replicate this issue with thumbnails caused by MarketPress. This is quick fix for this issue:

    #articleBox .articles li {
        padding: 5px;
        width: 239px; }

    you can add this CSS code to child theme style.css file or use this small plugin

    If it is possible to change it so it displays the latest 5 posts from all sites, please tell me how. If this is by design (that it displays only the one latest from each site), I would like to request an enhancement

    Please note that Network is our legacy theme and we provide only bug fixes for legacy themes. However I will ask theme developer if this is possible to change that function with quick snippet code.

    kind regards

  • Arthur

    Hi Kasia,

    Thanks for the CSS fix, which works fine.

    The problem with Upfront is that it's still too unstable for serious use. In theory it is an amazing product, and I was one of the first to install and use it - my personal site still uses Spirit. But it was a struggle. And after a month of trying to use it to build a client site back in the spring, I then discovered it wasn't translatable, a show-stopper for any serious modern theme, for any type and size of organisation.

    In fact I just tried to use it to set up a photography site for a friend of mine using Luke & Sara, but it just doesn't work, unfortunately. If the whole point is drag and click design, it needs to deliver, but the elements are too unstable and do not allow items to be put together as one would wish - simple things like two buttons, side-by-side, instead of one ("our portfolio") or the inability to change the ridiculously large line spacing in the text boxes to add more detail.

    So I do not have the confidence to use the new themes and prefer the relative stability of the legacy themes to deliver what I need for my global membership site.

    Let's hope there is a quick fix (it sounds simple enough!) so I don't need to look elsewhere for a suitable theme. I'd much rather keep everything in one place - WPMU Dev!

    Thanks again,

  • Rupok

    Hi Arthur

    About your "Network" theme query, I'm afraid this theme doesn't have any native option where you can select the number of posts to be shown from each subsite. However, I think it's an important feature and I can move it to our Features and Feedback section if you want. The more users show interest in this, the more likely that our developer will include this in next releases.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

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