Posts/Pages Are Not Displaying Correctly

Good evening. Using the Spirit theme and there is an issue that seems to be duplicated across a couple of areas.

When I create a post, it will display the individual post, but on the blog page when you click on the post it shows a different post, the one that was created most recently.

For instance, I created two sample posts, titled three and four. It displays the individual sample post three correctly in the post list, but then you click on the link and it shows sample post four – the one created most recently.

This also is happening with the default template when it is chosen. It saves only the most recent page created with the default template and wipes out all previous pages created with the default template. I figured a work around and selected a different template to use after losing work three different times.

No plug ins running on blog page or with default pages as I deleted them to see if that was the issue – it is not in both cases.