Potential bug in Post Voting

Okay, bear with me, this is a bit of a strange one!

First...LOVE the plugin! I'm actually planning to use this in what I hope will be a rather innovative way, fostering a kind of direct democracy on the site, and enabling resources to be funneled toward whatever projects the site members deem the most worthy (combining this plugin with the fundraising plugin, then rewarding the fundraising projects with the most votes with better visibility, which should see them come to fruition more quickly).

That said...I don't want just everything being voted on, so I allowed post voting, but turned it off for all post types (including fund raisers) - I read in the short codes that so long as post voting overall was enabled, you could turn the taxonomies off and insert short codes ONLY on the posts you wanted people to vote on.

Except it doesn't work.

When I turn "Fundraisers" off (but allow post voting), then place the short code manually on the page....it won't appear. The checkbox is taking priority over the shortcode.

Did I make sense or muddy the waters? :slight_smile: