already in development but questions raised

Hi guys.

I hope this is allowed and i apologize in advance if it is not.

I have a plugin developer looking into customizing the pro sites plugin to work the way i need it to work and I am after some information/ advice.

The plugin as it stands does everything i need it to do except for 1 thing, I am looking to be able to offer each membership the ability to have a pre determined amount of sub domains available to the user upon registration, for example, level 1 would offer only 1 subdomain (as it does already), level 2 would offer 1 subdomain also, BUT from level 3 through level 5, i want to be able to give the user the ability to choose additional sub domains without having to re purchase.

What i mean is that if you registered at level 3, you would choose your first subdomain and if you wanted more (up to 5) you can go back through the process and register additional domains WITHOUT having to make additional purchases in order to get the additional sub domains.

I have seen some sites that are able to offer unlimited sub domains (not sure what membership plugin is used) but i want to offer a set amount based on the level they join at without having to repurchase every time and have a monthly subscription for EACH subdomain.

I understand that I will no doubt be told to ask in the “Find a Pro” section of this site (which i HAVE done) and I have a member from the “Find a Pro” section working on it but I have been informed that “It may be possible and it may not be possible” so I was hoping one of the original developers or someone who has already had the plugin customized may be able to point me in the right direction as to whether this can in fact be done without causing issues for the other processes the plugin runs.

Thanks in advance

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Daniel,

    Hope you’re well?

    Out of the box, it certainly isn’t possible. But as you suggest, with some custom coding it would be possible. It wouldn’t be a simple change, but it’s definitely possible to achieve.

    Possibly hooking into the add_new_blog filters in WP, and then checking whether the User is the admin of the Pro-site, check the Pro Site level & count how many blogs that user created (somehow), then limit access to the add_new_blog.

    The difficulty then comes with how you decide what site the user can create, whether it would be a pro-site of the same level or not & then bypass the payment. That’s a bit beyond my expertise, though. But yes, it would certainly be possible. The how is the difficult part.

    Hope this helps

  • Daniel
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Vaughan,

    Thanks for your reply, i think you have answered well and have confirmed my own suspicions. Would there be a way of finding out all of the “Hooks” available for the pro sites plugin, so that it may be easier to determine which way to go when asking the plugin to perform any given function related to how I am looking for this to work for me?

    I am completely new to needing customized work on a plugin so I am also trying to learn and find information that can help me better understand what the developer is proposing.

    Thanks again

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    We don’t really have any developer docs for Pro-sites. There are plenty of hooks in the code though. He should be able to find them looking through the code though as it’s documented well in the functions itself. It’s a bit out of my depth though.


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