Potential for contacting members directly

I’m a member at the Warrior Forum and in that forum, there is the ability to PM (Private Message) members. I notice that there’s no ability on WPMUDev to do that. That may be by design (on purpose), it may be a feature for future developement, or it may be something that you’ve not considered yet.

However, occasionally, it would be nice to have someone contact me through a link here on the forum rather than having to post by email address in open forum. I don’t mind a member contacting me directly, but I really don’t want scrapers to be able to scrape my email and send me junk – I already get about 2,000 emails a day as it is.

Is there any plan, or would it be possible, for members to easily send each other messages through the forum – even if it’s just a quickie send of our email contact information. I noticed that you can’t contact paid staff directly, and that’s probably a good thing because you all would be covered up with direct requests otherwise. For you guys, it would be nice to have a form or something where people can post their login information to their websites when you are helping them.

I’m not sure how this could all be accomplished (except maybe by using BuddyPress) or if it would be feasible. I may be the only one that actually thinks this would be useful, so I apologize in advance if no one else does.