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So I was thinking about site navigation today. My site is fairly unique in its construction, so this may not apply to everyone, but I'm betting that a fair number of folks could make use of the general concept. (Yeah, I know, I know...I bet everybody says their site is fairly unique, but in this case, it's true! The site is a "game" that, simply by virtue of playing it, you can actually change stuff in the real world! (http://playtheplanet.org).

Anyway, what I'm noticing is this: My users tend to gravitate toward certain areas/functionalities/features within the site. Not that they NEVER visit any other locations, but they've each sorta developed their own little areas that they frequent.

Is there a plugin that currently exists, or could one be designed that would allow me to place a user customizable widget in one of the sidebars?

Each user could then log on, and drag and drop short cuts to certain groups or areas that he/she wound up frequenting...each user could essentially help create/customize his/her own perfect navigation system. :slight_smile:


  • christopher_d__hartpence
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thank you! :slight_smile: And thanks for the links! I will check these out to see if they might serve as a place of beginning!

    As I see the idea working in my head, what would essentially happen would be this. When the (conjectural) widget is installed, a new button would get added to every post and page on the site.

    Any user could log in (the exact configuration of the widget would then be keyed to a specific user account/profile), and if a user wanted to add a given page to the "My Menu" plugin, they click the button, and a new menu item/entry is created (users could then re-name it and or set up nested menus from there).

    Taking items OFF the menu would be as simple as clicking a small "X" on the extreme right hand "end" of each menu item added (or something similar).

    What this would do would be to allow each user to have a nav menu on the sidebar that was EXACTLY tailored to how he/she used the site, and THAT would be pure awesome! *G*

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Heya @christopher_d__hartpence

    Looks like me and Jack (aka @coding-monkey) are this morning's tag-team :slight_smile:

    That is a cool idea. Now I don't want to slap Jack's suggestions down, but the plugins he has linked to don't allow users to customize their navigation on the front-end.

    This old thing however does allow each user to add a custom menu to the adminbar via a back-end admin area:

    It could come in handy if you feel like getting your hands dirty to port your own front-end solution :slight_smile:

  • christopher_d__hartpence
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Whoooohooo! Never knew the wp favorites menu manager existed! Yep...I think that's my starting point, and from here, we can grow/morph/change it into the other, but this absolutely gives me some facts on the ground in the immediacy, while I contemplate development of the other...fantastic! =D

    Thanks guys!


  • christopher_d__hartpence
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    * meant to add this bit too:

    In thinking about it further, my "vision" of the plugin should prolly more properly be called "My Groups" or "My Shortcuts" because really, it's about making a "short list" of buddypress group functions or features and or related blogs.

    If I'm a user on my site, I might be very interested in the admin group (overall site control), the main news blog on the site, the Process Improvement Team's forum, the main group page of my particular holon, and my holon's blog (plus possibly some group shortcuts to specific non profit groups if I'm working with one or more of them).

    BuddyPress groups are fantastic, but...as they multiply, it becomes a bit ungainly, sans a solution like this. Least that's what I'm noticing. Need a way for the user to filter out all the stuff they DON"T care about explicitly, to get to the stuff they are interested in. This plugin looks like it'll do that for me, and I'll start drawing up some specs to post a job!


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