Potential New Plugin Idea

So I was thinking about site navigation today. My site is fairly unique in its construction, so this may not apply to everyone, but I’m betting that a fair number of folks could make use of the general concept. (Yeah, I know, I know…I bet everybody says their site is fairly unique, but in this case, it’s true! The site is a “game” that, simply by virtue of playing it, you can actually change stuff in the real world! (http://playtheplanet.org).

Anyway, what I’m noticing is this: My users tend to gravitate toward certain areas/functionalities/features within the site. Not that they NEVER visit any other locations, but they’ve each sorta developed their own little areas that they frequent.

Is there a plugin that currently exists, or could one be designed that would allow me to place a user customizable widget in one of the sidebars?

Each user could then log on, and drag and drop short cuts to certain groups or areas that he/she wound up frequenting…each user could essentially help create/customize his/her own perfect navigation system. :slight_smile: